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Al Zahra Islamic Center of Charlotte(AZICC) is a non-profit organisation. It is also an Educational & Religious center and serving Muslims in the Charlotte Metropolitan area.

Islamic School

Our Mission, By The Grace Of Allah, Is To Make The Sunday Schoool An Educational And Enjoyable Experience For The Students. It Is Important To Understand That Few Hours A Week Teaching Quran, Arabic And Islamic Studies To The Children, Is Not Enough, But Out Effort At School Must Be Suppliemented With The Parents Effort At Home. community(at)azicc(dot)org

Sunday school hours 11 AM to 2 PM

Funeral Services

Death Is Inevitable And Unpredictable And No One Knows When And Where It Will Occur. Every Muslim Should Always Be Ready To Leave This World And Meet The Creator: "Then He Caused Him To Die And Be Buried". ( Quran 80:21) The Funeral Arrangements Will Be Under The Authority Of Funeral Committee. community(at)azicc(dot)org

Marriage Services

"And Among His Signs Is This, That He Created For You Mates From Among Yourselfves, That You May Dwell In Tranquility With Them, And He Has Put Love And Mercy Between Your Heats. Verily In That Are Signs For Those Who Reflect." - (Quran 30:21)

How We Works?

Our Purpose

To server the advancements of Shia Muslims Islamic Center in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our Core Values

Knowledge | Faith | Integrity | Unity | Diversity | Collaboration | Progress

Our Mision

We are a religious organization. We impart the teachings of Allah brought to us through the Holy Quran, the Holy Prophet and his infallible household while adhering to the laws of the land in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Our Vision

we as Muslims in Charlotte and surrounding areas would like to see our community to be vibrant, communicative, collaborative, participating and be useful citizens.

Our Services

2020 Events Sponsorship

  • 6 Muharram
    Ally Dewji, Fahad Kazim, Ali Kazim
  • 7 Muharram
  • 8 Muharram
    Tahir Kazmi
  • 9 Muharram
    Doc Javid
  • 10 Muharram
    Doc Zahad Ali

Upcoming Events

  • Noupcoming events
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Prayer Timings

Mon, 01 Jun 2020

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